Listen to your life

Sounds are much more than just vibrations and waves propagated through various media to our perception. They directly access to our recollection of the most precious and beloved memories of moments, feelings, people and places. Sounds can take us back, and recording them helps us remember them forever.

The concept of Soundlocket® was developed to let people save and relive these personal sound memories in a lasting, sustainable way and pass them on to future generations. Here is some examples for the sound that matter.

The feeling of the win

Sailor: The sound of a breaking wave

History in the making

Will you marry me?

Power quotes

I can do this!

Giggles are priceless

Pals forever

Meditation mantra

Big moment: You made it!

The sound of summer

A speech you never want to forget

Sounds Matter – let us help you share your story!

Sounds can remind us of our most precious and beloved memories of moments, feelings, people, and places. We believe these sounds deserve to be heard, remembered and saved.

Soundlocket®let’s owners create stories about the sounds that matter. Share yours.

Try to remember a sound - a voice, a tune, a tone, a soundscape, a piece of advice, a tale, someone’s words or some
other life-changing event - that has made your life richer? Is there a sound worthy of remembering that you would like to pass onto future generations?

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