Remember that thrill

Remember that thrill

It’s calling. The strong breeze on your skin, fire in your eyes in front of a beast of a wave. You’ve waited so long for this chance, to ride that wave. Go catch it.

This is the place worth returning to.

You might have experienced something that greatly affected you, something exciting and thrilling, a once-in-a-lifetime event, even something life-changing. When you close your eyes and try to recall that experience, what do you remember? You might see glances of people, surroundings, colors and shapes. You might have photos that show exactly how everything looked. But what do you hear? How did people’s voices sound? What ambient sounds were there? Not so easy, is it?

Sounds happen then and there – in brief moments, in unique words, in a particular pitch, clang and tone. They’re dependent on the sources that make them. You can try and write them down, how you think you hear them, but imagine if you could actually hear them again, just as they were!

Soundlocket® was developed to help us to capture moments and make them unforgettable. It’s a piece of jewelry that captures ‘the now’ so we can reconnect with the past and relive it any time we want. It can be your personal keepsake, a souvenir or an emotive gift for someone special.