Listen to your life

Sounds are much more than just vibrations and waves propagated through various media to our perception. They directly access to our recollection of the most precious and beloved memories of moments, feelings, people and places. Sounds can take us back, and recording them helps us remember them forever. The concept of Soundlocket® was developed to let people save and relive these personal sound memories in a lasting, sustainable way and pass them on to future generations.

Sounds that matter

Remember that thrill
It’s calling. The strong breeze on your skin, fire in your eyes in front of a beast of a wave. You’ve waited so long for this chance, to ride that wave. Go catch it.

This is the place worth returning to.
Remember that giggle

It’s early, still in bed. Little fingertips tickling your arm. A tender whisper. Then another, more demanding. A tiny finger taps the tip of your nose. With eyes still closed you smile, and it triggers that endearing giggle. Is there any better way to wake up? 

Remember that joy

Let’s jump, who’s first? Two heads appear on the surface and friends burst into laughter. These chill summer days are the best. Right now we are free to do whatever we want. Imagine, it’s the time of our lives! Did I tell you you’re my best friend? We are going to be brothers forever.

Remember that friendship

Good boy, yes you are. This one has stolen my heart. With him I’m fully present, in him I can trust. It’s two souls combined, no words needed. I pat, he nickers. 

Remember that summer

The waves left a salty taste on your lips. The soft wind playing with your hair when you rested in Mother’s arms. The distant squawks of the seagulls following the returning fishermen’s boats. Let’s listen, until it’s time to go back.