Soundlocket® is a device which enables sound recording, sound storing and playback with no other power source than the device itself.

Soundlocket® functions just as a traditional mechanical wristwatch – the sound memory is recorded and listened to by winding the locket’s knob, which launches a clockwork mechanism inside the locket.

No. Soundlocket® features revolutionary Mecheart®micro-technology, designed to generate its own power without the need for batteries or other external energy sources. You create mechanical energy by winding the locket’s knob and Mecheart® acts to convert and store rotating regular mechanical movements into electrical energy.

Soundlocket® can store up to 60 seconds of sound. You can rerecord over it at any time.

No. To keep the Soundlocket® simple to use and to assure it is usable without separate instructions, even after decades, you can only record one message.

No. Your message is stored securely for decades as long as you don’t record over it.

No, Soundlocket® is not waterproof.

The Soundlocket® is designed to operate in room temperature. Do not attempt to use it in extreme temperatures. Temporarily storing the Soundlocket® in hot or cold environment will not harm the Soundlocket®. After this kind of exposure make sure you wait until the Soundlocket® temperature has stabilized to room temperature before using it.

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Soundlocket® is designed and assembled in Finland.

Soundlocket® is developed, manufactured, and marketed by Zoy Oy. Soundlocket is a registered trademark of Zoy Oy. Learn more about Zoy Oy here.