Product overview

Sounds are much more than just vibrations and waves propagated through various media to our perception. They give us access to our most precious and beloved memories of moments, feelings, people and places. Sounds take us back, and recording them helps us remember them forever. The concept of Soundlocket® was developed to let people save and relive their personal sound memories in a lasting & sustainable way as well as pass them on to future generations. Soundlockets® are praised for their innovativeness and all the technical details in the Soundlockets® are carefully considered.

Hand made in finland

Soundlockets® are mainly made of stainless steel and sapphire glass. In some cases, precious metals can also be used in manufacturing. Stainless steel and other metal parts are machined into components. Each component is finished using a method chosen separately. The mechanical part of Soundlocket® is assembled by hand. Finally, the electronic components are connected to the mechanical part. All Soundlockets® go through a thorough quality check before being sent to their final destination.

Finishing options for the wheels are polished stainless steel or gold plating. Other coatings can be customized for projects for an additional fee. The stones used in Soundlockets® are sapphires or diamonds, depending on the model.

Mechanical heart

The core of our Soundlocket® is mechanical energy solution. Thanks to this inbuilt micro-sized energy storage, Soundlocket® can function without the need for batteries or any other external energy source. This means Soundlocket® is fully self-powered and therefore a reliable device that’s meant to last for decades, from one generation to the next.

How to use Soundlocket®

Soundlocket® functions just as a traditional mechanical wristwatch:

1) The sound memory is recorded and listened to by winding the locket’s knob, which launches a clockwork mechanism inside the locketand charges the device’s internal energy storage.

2) Your voice is heard by winding the knob and bringing the medallion next to the ear. You can listen to the audio as often as you want.

3) The same mechanics also allow you to change the sound memory by recording over it at any time.

4) When you are completely happy with your message, you can seal the message for good. This means that you can neither delete it nor record a new message anymore and your message stays safe for the generations to come.

Ideas to record to the Soundlocket®

A custom Soundlocket® is for any sounds you love in life. It is made for you that you can remember what matters the most.

You can record 60 seconds to Soundlocket® and it can be for example:

  • Baby's heart beat in ultrasound
  • Baby's firts cry or first words
  • Proposal and wedding vows
  • Eternal declaration of love for spouse
  • Speech for someone special
  • Life advice
  • Last will or last words
  • Guru's empowering words
  • ASMR sounds for relaxation.
  • The sound of summer, winter, spring, fall.
  • The big moments: At the top of the mountain/After the marathon/Ice hockey gold, etc.
  • Power quotes

What is the most important sound of your life?

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